The mere thought can be a bit of nightmare! All that planning and worrying about whether you’ll survive the journey without tantrums and catastrophes, can be alleviated with a few helpful extras from us.

Snowbound Transfers are a family orientated business, and know how stressful the journey from home to resort can be. That’s why we introduced ‘Lil Snowmates’ when ‘Under 5s Ride For Free’. Just give us sufficient notice and we can provide the child or booster seat too. 

We also thought it would be helpful to put together some useful Top Tips for travelling with children. If you have more to add to the list, we would love to hear about it!

Our Top 5 Tips for Travelling With Children

  • The essentials – pack plenty of activities and things to do, distraction is key! A few felt tips or crayons and paper, go a long way for both parent and child. Draw, doodle, traditional hangman and even noughts and crosses..use your imagination, keep the kids engaged and occupied for as long as possible.
  • Pack a few spare clothes in your (or their) cabin bag; joggers, a t-shirt and what ever underclothes or pull-up nappies you think you’ll need. Fleeces are better than hoodies. Light weight and warm, and they roll up into nothing in the flight bag.
  • Music on an MP3 player or other device. Nursery rhymes, favourite albums and audio books are all great distractions. If you think you can’t survive the journey without, then the electronic devices on standby are great. Failing that download a couple of game apps to a smart phone. Real Player is good on tablets…you can download a number of programmes to view later during a limited period. A ‘watch once’ only availability is perfect for the journey.
  • Bring a favourite comfy toy, blanket or jumper. Even the older child would welcome a familiar smell and sensation when distressed, tired or bored.
  • Carbohydrate based snacks such as raisins, graze boxes, rice cakes and bananas are foods that will provide slow release energy over the course of the day. Too many sweets can raise blood sugar which can dramatically drop causing irritability, tantrums and tears. Eat little and often, and not foods that are too rich. Take a collapsible water bottle that can be refilled and quickly emptied, before and after customs control points. Keeping hydrated can help with tiredness as well as motion sickness.

A final bumper tip, possibly one we choose not think about for obvious reasons! Buy travel sickness bands and/or tablets. Even if psychosomatic they may provide some comfort and relief. On the same topic, a couple of nappy bags or similar incase of any unpleasant reactions might come in handy!

We hope our handy Top 5 for Under 5s will help with planning and making life a little easier. We look forward to bringing you and your family to the Alps soon!