Ski and snowboarding holidays offer a huge variety of options. In the Three Valley’s Resort alone you have 600 kilometres of choices; 321 ski runs from experts to beginners’ slopes. There should be something to keep everyone happy in your family or group of friends – right?

But what if you can’t find anyone who wants to share your holiday? Or you want to break off from your group for a solo expedition during your stay? Maybe you simply want your own itinerary and go it alone for the whole holiday for some quality “me” time.

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Increasing numbers of people are flying out to ski resorts on their own with the intention of forging new friendships. You can find well-respected companies who specialise in linking up snowboarders and skiers who arrive alone, so you can hit the slopes in the company of fellow enthusiasts.

However, solo skiing and snowboarding is growing in popularity too. If your sense of adventure includes the idea of being alone on the side of a mountain, totally in the zone or savouring the serenity, the experience it can be invigorating.

Last Minute Ski Transfers mean you get to choose

If you’re going it alone then you’re probably going to want to keep the planning as straightforward but flexible as possible. Transport around the Three Valleys resort doesn’t have to be a headache for solo skiers or snowboarders. Snowbound Transfers offers independent travellers Last Minute Ski Transfers to make it easy to put together your own itinerary and go exactly where your preferences and the weather dictate.

Once you have been delivered comfortably – and on time – to your chosen destination, clearly safety is a huge consideration. So, it’s best to choose slopes you know well already. Or, research ones that offer terrain, customs and safety procedures that support your lone expedition. Always give someone at your accommodation or the local services the heads up on your plans for the day.

There are some great tips and ideas for solo skiing on the Ski Club of Great Britain website.

Solo costs can keep on budget with Last Minute Ski Transfers

One of the considerations if you’re planning a solo trip – or taking off on your own for part of the vacation – is the likelihood of increased costs. Most accommodation is geared to group bookings. Some independent travellers opt for chalets rather than hotels or hostels, to add the element of companionship. Shop around and you can get what you want and negotiate on price for sole occupation of rooms.

Travelling around in a taxi on your own can really bump up the cost of the solo expedition. The availability of Last Minute Ski Transfers throughout The Three Valleys makes it far easier to put together itineraries that suit individual plans and preferences at the same time as keeping costs reasonable.

So whether you are travelling to The Three Valleys alone because you’re determined to stick to your own plans, or you’re looking for new people and experiences, one of the easiest things to control is your budget. Your choice – no pressure.