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Terms and Conditions

  1. All pricing quoted are in Euros and include taxes and tolls unless otherwise stated at the time of the booking.
  2. Clients will be given 3 payment options – Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash Payment.
  3. Credit card payments are to be issued through our secure online banking system.
  4. For payments made by Bank Transfers or Credit Card, the client will be requested to pay a 50 % deposit within 21 days of receiving the booking confirmation/invoice.
  5. Full payment in advance is also acceptable.
  6. If the total invoice amount is less than 150 Euros, or if travel dates are within 21 days we may request for the payment in full immediately.
  7. For all Cash Payment the client must provide credit card details.
  8. Snowbound Transfers reserves the right to refuse any cash payment request if the client does not provide sufficient details.
  9. Cancellations are accepted only in writing by e-mail.
  10. Snowbound Transfers reserves the right to refuse any cancellation request if the client does not provide sufficient details.
  11. The 50% deposit is non refundable at any point or for any reason.
  12. For any payments under 150 Euros no refunds will be issued.
  13. If a cancellation request is received within 30 days of the arrival transfer and a full payment was made for more that the amount 150 Euros, Snowbound Transfers will review the request and if approved by ourselves a 50% refund may be issued less the cancellation fees ouline in point 14.
  14. All cancellations will be subjected to a 50 Euros administration fee plus any additional bank charges that we incur as a result of a refund.
  15. No refunds shall be given for any cancellations made within 30 days of the travel date.
  16. Bank Transfer payments may be charged transfer fees imposed by the client’s bank and in which case the client will be liable.
  17. Snowbound Transfers will send you a confirmation e-mail that will act as your ticket.  You must present this to your driver on both on arrival and return trips.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of this booking.
  18. A client will be deemed to have entered a contract once acceptance of a booking is made either verbally or by e-mail and will abide by these terms and conditions.
  19. In the event of booking for additional passengers, the named person on the booking form is deemed to be acting as an authorized agent accepting these conditions on behalf of the other passengers.
  20. The names of each of the passengers traveling must be provided when confirming your transfer.  The carrier has the right to refuse to transfer any client who’s name is not on the booking confirmation.
  21. Child or booster seats are available on request.  It is the responsibility of the client to give us notice at the time of booking to ensure availability.  We will not be held liable if a transfer cannot be completed due to failure to notify us.
  22. We appreciate that there are sometimes delays beyond the control of the passenger for reasons such as weather and we will endeavor to accommodate whenever possible.  If the delay becomes unreasonable, in excess of 60 minutes of scheduled transfer time or if the delay causes considerable scheduling difficulties, the carrier reserves the right to suspend the booking.
  23. As soon as you become aware of a delay it is your responsibility to contact your driver to ensure that all attempts are made to re-schedule your booking.  An additional fee of 150 euros may be charged where a re-schedule after 60 minutes has taken place.
  24. In the event that our driver is delayed for reasons beyond our control our first priority will be to seek alternative arrangements, however we will not incur any liability for circumstances not within our management, for example – unforeseen traffic delays or accidents, road closure, extreme weather conditions, an act of terrorism or a vehicle breakdown.
  25. We endeavor where possible and subject to our schedule to provide the client with a replacement transfer if diverted to an alternative airport or station.  Additional costs may apply and will be quoted at the time of re-schedule.
  26. We will not be liable for any charges if the client has missed flights due to unforeseen circumstances.
  27. In some circumstances where additional costs have been charged due to delay or diversion, the client may be able to claim this amount through their travel insurance.
  28. If your baggage has failed to arrive, please make contact immediately with our driver as he will need to be made aware of your delay.
  29. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to luggage accompanying passengers except where negligence on our behalf.
  30. En route requests to stop for shopping or other non-essential items are entirely at the discretion of your driver and cannot be pre arranged at the time of booking.
  31. It is forbidden to smoke, consume alcohol or use illegal drugs whilst in our transfer vehicle.
  32. In the event of a third party supplier being contracted to provide the transfer on behalf of the client, we are not liable for any actions or the consequences of any actions of the third party supplier whilst the client is in the care of the third party supplier.  The client shall accept and travel under the public liability insurance of the third party supplier and any claims arising during the period of the time the client is in the care of the third party supplier must be directed to the third party supplier.
  33. In any circumstances the liability of the carrier shall be limited to 500 Euros per passenger.
  34. French law governs these terms and conditions.

Airport Transfers

Snowbound Transfers is a quality airport transfer company based in the 3 Valleys ski resort. We offer reliable ski resort and airport transfers. Snowbound take pride in being one of the best transfer companies in the Alps region offering many quality and competitive transfer options.

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