Door to Door Airport Transfers

Last Minute Airport Transfers to Courchevel & Meribel Valleys

Find cheaper transfers to the Three Valleys here!  Last Minutes are shared seats we can sell off at lower rates whenever we are going to or from various airports empty.  

For our scheduled service that runs daily shared transfers to / from Geneva Only please see Snowbound Shuttle .  (currently suspended until further notice)

Frequently updated with new dates but feel free to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.

TOP TIP:   It is sometimes easier to book your flight around our empty journeys 😉

Last Minute Shared Airport Transfers

These offers include shared last minute airport transfers to/from:

These transfers are DOOR to DOOR in 8 seater minibuses.

Arrival Times

Arrival times for resort to airport transfers = Approximate time of arrival at the airport.

Pick Up Times

Your pick up time from resort will be advised at the time of payment, however it is APPROXIMATE as it depends on pick up locations.

A more accurate pick up time will be confirmed approx 24 hours beforehand by text message & could be up to 30 min earlier.

Departure Times

Departure times from the Airport are also approximate as it depends on flight arrival times for all the passengers booked onto the bus.

Last Minutes Seats On Offer Coming Soon!!

If for any reason you have a question about our transfer services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.