Three Valleys Ski Area

Our Top 5 Video Guides to The Three Valleys Ski Area

We understand how time consuming it is filtering through various websites, running video and official guide searches. Ploughing through infinite recommendations for ski resorts can be repetitive and tedious. So we thought we would help ease the process for you by compiling a medley of YouTube channels. This blog post highlights resorts within the 3 Valleys Ski Area in the French Alps.

We really hope you enjoy the compilation. Of course we are always happy to hear of excellent new  resources to complement the repertoire below.

Starting with our very ‘Best Kept Secret’, La Tania

Part of the Courchevel Valley. The channel offers regular and candid snow  reports directly from the pistes of La Tania. In addition to what’s going on with the weather, there is also footage of local events and festivities to give you a flavour of local life and “general carry on”.

La Tania Snow Reports

Next up Courchevel

Courchenet will take you on a virtual tour of all Courchevel has to offer including piste guides, bars, restaurants and events. The narrator provides a detailed insight into the diverse background of those who visit this exclusive and luxurious resort in the heart of the Three Valleys.

Courchevel Official Guide via Courchevel – 3 Valles, France

Meribel – The Central Resort

Similarly to Courchenet, the Merinet You Tube channel illustrates how this plentiful selection of eateries, accommodation and retail outlets have helped to to maintain Meribel’s popularity amongst holiday makers from all over the globe.

You feel a real sense of passion for the mountains and especially how keen the publishers are to share this with everyone.

Merinet Video Channel

The Highest Val Thorens

The Val Thorens Snow Report. “Val Thorens is the highest resort in Europe”. Excellent footage, in French with clear English subtitles. Just what’s needed!

Three Valleys Ski Area Official Channel

Consider the official 3 Valleys ‘Addict’ channel a harmonious combination of all the above! Presenting “The video channel of the 3 Vallées, the world’s largest ski area!”

Official Three Valleys

Snowbound Transfers

We couldn’t finish the blog post without showing you our latest footage. Check out this fabulous, long awaited snowfall filmed by Snowbound Transfers!

As always we look forward to meeting you, and transferring you to your destination in the 3 Valleys Ski Area