It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve been carving our skis into the slopes, but the wait is finally over. The skiing season is finally back upon us! Heading to the mountains for a memorable few days of snowy slopes during the day and roaring fires at night? We’ve got three tips, including the use of great value luxury airport transfers. This is to ensure you have as much fun as possible.

1. Get in Shape With Some Simple Preparation

Hopefully you’ll indulge over the Christmas period, which is great at the time! It’s not so great when you’re headed to the slopes early next year. Before you jet away on your skiing holiday, put the time in to ensure you have a level of ski fitness conducive to a few days of solid downhill skiing.

The good news is that skiing doesn’t require its participants to be triathletes. It’s more about making sure a couple of key areas – specifically knees and weight distribution – have been well worked out in advance. Cardiovascular fitness isn’t so important for skis, so there’s no need to get up for 6am runs – just stick to exercises that concentrate on the knees and quads and you’ll be ready. If you have an indoor slope near you, all the better. These, of course, aren’t a substitute for the real thing, but they can be a useful tool in loosening up those muscles that haven’t been used since last winter.

Ski Fitness


2. Arrive in Style With Luxury Airport Transfers

You’ve likely only got a handful of skiing days during your holiday, so fit in as much mountain time as possible. One way to do this is to ensure you’re as fresh as possible when you arrive at your skiing resort. Get a good night’s rest before your flight and try to pick a flight time that won’t leave you exhausted on arrival. Once at the airport, make the most of luxury airport transfers and enjoy a comfortable journey to the resort. You’ll be met at the airport and will travel in style with all the amenities needed to ensure total comfort. With that journey under your belt, you won’t need to rest before you hit the slopes. You’ll be out there right away, doing just what you came to do.


3. Ease Yourself In and Have Fun!

Forget how good you were at skiing last winter. This is a new season, and there are no guarantees that you’re going to slip right back into the old groove and instantly dominate the slopes like you did last time. Start slow and steady. Stick to those blue and reds, leading those troublesome black lines until you’re sure you’re ready. Also, don’t be surprised if you fall over as you adjust to your ski legs. A refresher’s lesson at the resort never hurt anyone and may be a good idea. If you’ve forgotten your mountain powers since the last time you were in snowy climes just take it easy.

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